project mercury

The mercury program was a space program ran by the United states of America. This program was run under NASA from 1963 to 1967. The mercury program consisted of six manned missions, with seven astronauts, these astronauts are known as the mercury seven as there were seven astronauts, but only six flew as Deke Slayton was diagnosed with a heart problem and could not fly.

The main aim for the mercury program was to get a man into earth orbit and return him safely this program also developed hardware for the Apollo missions to the moon and prepare for a maned moon landing and start the maned exploration of the last frontier. The program was a great success with vital technologies being proved on the ground and in flight, these would prove to be essential for the further development of the Gemini, Apollo and the STS program.

During the program there were two sub orbital flights and four orbital flights. Each flight analysed different aspects of space flight and gathered a significant amount of data about space flight and our own understanding of space itself and how to operate effectively in it.

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